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The trouble with Python

Daisy trouble image
My daughter’s next reading book

Python is the de facto language in Secondary schools currently. I’m a fan of it myself. I have used it as part of teaching GCSE computing in the past and I like the clean and simple syntax which presents a low barrier to entry for pupils creating simple programs. I actually see a need for it at KS3 as a getting-things-done-easily introductory textual programming language.The trouble is, with recent changes to the GCSE specifications, I’m not convinced about how suitable it remains into KS4.


Goodbye coursework, hello exams

Star Wars says goodbye to excessive computing coursework

I have seen a lot of toing and froing on social media recently about the merits of different exam boards and who is going with which specification and why. Unfortunately, I feel that many teachers are misleading themselves and haven’t really considered the full facts before making a decision.

Perhaps they are basing this on their past experiences with older qualifications but it is now time to think again.