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August – Need to Know: AQA A-level Computer Science, Hodder Education

January – Computer science exam author, The Assessment Box


February – KS3 resources, Artificial Intelligence, BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT


July – AQA GCSE Computer Science Revision and Question Practice, Hodder Education

July – PG Online AQA A level units

April – Recognising that we must play the long game, Switched On Computing at School Newsletter (Summer 2016)

February – (Contributing author) A-level Computing/AQA WikiBook

January – Boolean Algebra: The Magic of Karnaugh Maps,  Switched On Computing at School Newsletter (Spring 2016)


August – Hodder Dynamic Learning AQA A-level Computer Science

June – PG Online AQA AS level units


December – Discovery Education Spotlight on Strategies


December – Zondle Computer Science questions

July – Doddle ICT and Computing

June – Boardworks GCSE Computing